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How to make hair longer

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# 07.12.2017 - 07:40:58

Hair Bundles allow short hair women to have long hair, while women with long hairs can try shorter hairstyles without violently cutting off natural hair. You can add body and texture, and achieve various styles of hair braid, you may not be able to do your Brazilian Hair Bundles.

1. Before going to sleep at night, wrap the Malaysian Hair with a silk scarf. This will keep the mark on your head, the first wear becomes obvious, lying flat. Scarf will not be the same as the scarf hair torn.

2. Gently brush. It is important to brush your knit everyday, just as you do with natural hair. Be very careful when brushing your teeth, do not pull out the glued runway, and do not loosen the braids on the runway. Gently brush the shaft with the other hand and hold the braid with one hand to reduce the pulling force.

3. Touch the top. If you know it's time to weave your knit but have no time or money to redo right away, try removing and re-applying the hair layer. Although knit in the crown may be loosened, as long as the hair on the top and around looks fresh, you can take a look again for about a week.

4. Shampoo once a week. Too much fabric washed may dim its luster, but not enough to shampoo it will cause it to bunch at the ends, lose sway and bounce. Once a week cleaning can achieve the perfect balance.

5. Keep the adhesive free from oil. If your fabric is stuck inside, you will want to keep the hair away from the weave marks. Oil will cause the track to slide out. This is a great help to remove plastic tracks when you're ready for a fresh look.

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